Download GTA San Andreas Lite Apk + Data Obb [200MB] For Android

GTA San Andreas Lite apk is a highly compressed version of the game which shrinks the file down a considerable amount for easier Download. The game is centred around a protagonist by the name Carl John who returned home to avenge his dead mother. GTA San Andreas is a beautiful open world game with beautiful graphics and if you owned a PlayStation 2 then chances are, you already know the game. It features a lot of vehicles you can use to navigate through the city of Los Santos which includes land, water and even air vehicles. There is also a wide range of guns you can use to complete your missions in the game or just wreck havoc throughout the city. Just the PlayStation 2 Version, this mobile version is developed by Rockstar Games and is available for not Android but iOS and windows as well.

Now, for your device to be able to run this games smoothly, you’ll need to have a compatible device or at least an Android device which meets the minimum requirements which are listed below.

Minimum Requirements For GTA San Andreas Lite Apk

  1. 512MB RAM or more
  2. CPU clocked at 1.2GHz or higher.
  3. Mali, PowerVR or Adreno GPU
  4. Android 5.0 or higher
  5. Password:

The minimum requirements are pretty decent and most smartphones can run the game without issues. Once your device meets the game requirements above then you can simply go ahead Download the game.

How To Download and Install GTA San Andreas Lite Apk + Obb

First, you’ll need to download the Apk and Obb for your device depending on your GPU. If you don’t know your GPU, You can download the “CPU-Z” app from the Google Play (which is about 2MB in size) to check. After checking or if you already know your GPU, you can then go ahead and Download the one for your device below.

– GTA San Andreas Obb For Mali GPU
– GTA San Andreas Obb For Adreno GPU
– GTA San Andreas Obb For PowerVR GPU

Download GTA Lite San Andreas Apk

After Downloading the file and apk above, Follow the Installation instructions below. The Obb file above which used to be about 2.4GB in size has been highly compressed down to about 200MB which should be fairly easy to download. Depending on how fast your Internet Connection is, Download this 200MB file shouldn’t take long.

– First off, Extract the GTA San Andreas obb folder from the file you downloaded and place it in Android >> Data. If you don’t have an extractor app, you can download one like 7zip from the Google Play store to extract the files.

– After doing that, Install the Apk, Launch the Apk and enjoy the game. The game also doesn’t need an Internet connection just in case you were wondering.

Wrapping Up

The game is a very great game and if you played it back in the day then it’ll definitely bring back some memories. Do let us know in the comment section Down Below if you have any questions.

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